👋 imacodr's Life Recap

Aug 2, 2023·

3 min read

Hey y’all! It’s your local codr here. I wanted to write this note to kinda recap where I’ve been these past uh 5 months!!?!

1. Real Life

Well starting with the basic. My life past the pixels, over the past few months has been a bit all over the place. Lots of stuff happened and I met so many new people that Roblox development really wasn’t my focus for some time.

2. My interests changed

As much as I love to still interact with the RoAviation community and Roblox in general. I guess I just lost a bit of interest in working my ass off thousands of hours on the platform. Doesn’t mean I don’t like doing it, I obviously still do and soon you’ll see I have a bunch of projects I’ve been working for other Roblox companies; but getting back into topic, I started doing other things such that I’d like to learn and can help me on my future.

3. Stress and Anxiety

One thing I don’t miss about this community was the stress and anxiety I was placed in during some of the work I was assigned. To be honest I never thought so many people would contact me asking for work and I guess I got a bit overwhelmed.

So this part serves first as an apology for anyone I let down on a project that I haven’t finished or didn’t work too much on and a message that I will no longer be accepting ANY commission work for anyone at the moment unless you’re a close friend. This is to preserve my mental health from spiraling out of control trying to manage so many projects at once. I may be a codr but I’m not a robot.

4. This heck of a UI library

One big project that I’ve overtaken these past 5 months is a Roblox UI library. This is mostly a thing for developers but it’s a heck of a cool library.

If you are a developer imagine the best React UI library but on Roblox and it’s easier to use and understand. Yeah it’s serious. I will for sure share more details soon.

Okay nice to know how you’re doing but are you making any products at all for imacodr’s Hut?

Yes! (with some limitations on my part) My goal regarding products from now on is to create quality products but not at the cost of my mental health and real life. With that I am NOT promising any product releases. Once I get to making a product then I will release it but never at a specific date or deadline.

This is a way to also keep the products at a high quality since I will spend more time working on them and perfecting it to the max. I don’t just make the same stuff like most people, I want to innovate the current to the next level.

Thank you for reading

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I genuinely love my community and I hope we can continue to grow and innovate.

Big ❤️ from codr