Discord Bot Hosting: made simple (and free) with Railway.app

Discord Bot Hosting: made simple (and free) with Railway.app

The money stay in your pocket, but the bot is over there chilling

May 30, 2022·

1 min read

Ever needed a hosting service that is free to use and good quality

Well, before you would probably just spend money on a VPS like DigitalOcean or Vultr.

Guess what? You can save your $5-20/month with Railway.

What the heck is Railway?

Railway is a hosting service like others, but its costs relies on how much memory or processing power your app is doing.

It gives you $5/month for its Free pack letting you make how many apps you want as long as it contains in that limit.

Is it that easier to setup?

Yep! Railway requires you only to click one button to connect to a GitHub repo and you are done. Your bot should be running.

What if my budget goes over $5

If your budget goes over the $5/month limit you can upgrade to the Developer tier that only lets you pay extra for how many more memory you are using for your apps making it also cheaper than a VPS.


Railway is a great source to developers starting their careers and creating a Discord bot or the highly experienced ones creating a multi-guild Discord bot.

Check them out at railway.app